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Exceptional Plastering Services In Cambridge

Give your Cambridge home a stunning makeover effortlessly with the expert services of ABeeton Plastering. I specialise in providing plastering solutions to enhance aesthetics and upgrade your living space's look and feel. What sets ABeeton Plastering apart? It's simple – my commitment to crafting a home that seamlessly combines style and practicality.


Ready to give your space a transformative touch? Contact me today for quality plastering services to make your home look exceptional. Collaborate with me to bring a touch of excellence to your home, creating a space you'll love living in.

Our Plastering Services

Man hand with trowel plastering a wall


Who doesn’t dream of a home adorned with tasteful decorative mouldings seamlessly connecting walls and ceilings?? My service brings this vision to life. With meticulous precision, I delicately install these finishing touches, adding a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

Dry Lining

Smooth surfaces and sturdy foundations are what you can expect from my dry lining service. I go beyond the basics, expertly installing plasterboard to create a flawless canvas for your interiors. This isn't just about plaster but crafting a resilient foundation that stands the test of time.


Walls that tell a story of refreshment and revitalisation – that's the promise of my skimming service. I bring a delicate touch to every project, applying a thin layer of expertly crafted plaster. The result? A transformed appearance that breathes new life into your room. 

Dry Walling

Versatility takes centre stage with my dry walling service. I create robust plasterboard walls from installation to finishing, serving as the perfect backdrop for all kinds of interior transformations. 

Dot Dabbing

For stability and a smooth canvas, trust my dot dabbing service. I secure plasterboard to your walls precisely, ensuring a reliable base for subsequent finishes. It's about attention to detail, laying the groundwork for your unique style to shine.


Time to refresh, renew, and revive – that's the essence of my over-skimming service. I add a fresh layer of plaster to your walls and ceilings while eliminating the outdated appearance. It's more than just plastering; it's a commitment to a polished and renewed atmosphere.

Over-Skimming Artex Ceilings

Modernisation meets mastery with my over-skimming Artex ceilings service. I smooth out and refresh, transforming textured ceilings into contemporary statements. It combines skill and artistry, bringing your home into the modern era.


Boost your property's appeal with my rendering service. I apply a protective and decorative coat to your exteriors, enhancing durability and aesthetic charm. My plaster is a shield of strength that also adds a touch of visual appeal to your home.

Closeup hand construction plastering wet cement on the loft wall

Call Me On 07800 871738 For Exceptional Plastering Services

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